HONEYdesign can creat the best web page 300,000 yen.

There are many problems with homepages, such as opening a new restaurant and trying to attract more customers from the homepage. HONEYdesign, will help you with homepage creation as a business partner for all of you!

Computer is not my thing...

You can chose starter package, if it is first time to create web site. You just prepare picture and sentence. And then, our designer will create the best web design to you.


We can assist the search engine optimization. Because we think SEO is one of the important things. We can do not only create web site but also take steps to meet the SEO.


We can support to create multilingual web site. For example English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Malay etc...

Is there anything that is troubling you in relation to web page?

Estimate is too complicated...

HONEYdesign's estimate is simple. We can create 5 pages for 300,000 yen. We also take care of server and domain acquisition. You will be responsible for the server costs (approximately 1,000 yen per month) after creation.

Should I leave the management?

I think that the management work is for those who do not have much knowledge of personal computers in the company.
Basically, please be assured that we will create a system that you can update yourself.

What to prepare by yourself?

Please prepare 'pictures' and 'docments'.
We belive that the contents from you is the best one compare to designer 's one, and it's has a presence.
If you needs our supports, you're welcome to talk to me anytime.

I want to update by myself.

Of course you can do it! Please let us know which part do you want to update.
Upon delivery, we will pass you the update's manual.

Computer or Web page are not my thing...

Please set your mind at ease. We do all cumbersome work.
Our designer will create web site images from your opinion at the meeting.
It might be easy if you have same concrete image in advance.

How long will it take to complete creating web page?

Normally it will take 1 - 2 months for starter package (5 pages).
If it is in a hurry, please let us know.
We will delivery within 5 days in the shortest.

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