pay-per-performance: SEO

pay-per-performance period: 3month
Search word Ranked # 10 ¥100,000(Tax not included)

【Our Way of thinking for SEO】

For example, company A provides you the SEO service ¥10,000 per month.
But their solution is the decided service only. It means their solution is limited.

Person in charge of you in company A has a lot of tasks. So they might engage to you only 1 or 2 hours per month.
More unfortunately they think that “It’s successful if SEO improve a little compare to now.”

Our way of thinking is different.
Our goal is optimized search ranking and boosting it.
In other words, optimized search ranking means we will support to open your shop in bustling places full of people like Manhattan.

We are willing to exploit our knowledge which is not automatically way.
If you can move your shop at good location, we will charge for it
Of cause our service include the automatically way.

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